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How to Beat Post-Disney World Blues and Keep the Magic Alive at Home with our Disney Prints


Returning from Disney World often leaves fans feeling a bit blue, longing for the joy and enchantment of their recent vacation. Fortunately, there are delightful ways to keep the Disney magic thriving at home. From decorating with Disney prints to planning your next trip, this blog explores several strategies to make everyday life feel a little more magical.

Beating the Disney Blues at Home
Our most recent Disney Trip

Create a Disney-Themed Gallery Wall

Choose Your Favorite Disney Prints

Transform your home into a personal Disney haven by creating a gallery wall adorned with Disney prints. Select artwork featuring iconic scenes or characters, or even stylize photos from your trip into unique art prints. This display will serve as a daily reminder of your magical experiences and add a vibrant touch to your living space.

Disney Blueprint Bundle
Disney themed Gallery Wall

Tips for Arranging Your Gallery Wall

Arrange your prints at varying heights to capture attention and add dimension. Frame them in styles that match your home's decor to ensure a seamless blend of magic and style.

Engage in DIY Disney Crafts and Decor

Fun Projects to Try

Bring some Disney-inspired creativity into your home with DIY projects. Whether it's making Mickey Mouse coasters, crafting fairy-tale pillowcases, or painting a mural inspired by your favourite ride, these crafts can provide both a therapeutic outlet and a customized touch to your home.

Displaying Your Crafts

Place your DIY Disney decor around your home where they can spark joy. These handmade items not only serve as mementos but also as conversation starters about your wonderful Disney adventures.

Host Disney-Themed Movie Nights

Organizing a Magical Movie Evening

Keep the Disney magic alive by hosting themed movie nights. Choose a Disney classic, plan themed snacks, and use your Disney prints as part of the ambience. It’s a perfect way to relive the stories that captured your heart at Disney World.

Disney Movie Night Essentials

Create a cosy setup with blankets and pillows. You can even dress up as your favourite characters to make the evening extra special. Each movie night can focus on a different theme, keeping the excitement alive throughout the year.

Plan Your Next Disney Adventure

The Magic Kingdom
Plan your next Disney trip!

Dream Up Future Visits

Alleviate post-Disney blues by dreaming up your next trip. Research new attractions and special events. Planning your next adventure can be just as exciting as the trip itself, giving you something wonderful to look forward to.

Setting a Disney Savings Goal

Start a Disney savings jar to make your planning tangible. Each contribution gets you one step closer to returning to the magic.


The end of a Disney trip doesn't mean the end of the magic. By incorporating Disney prints into your decor, engaging in themed activities, and planning future visits, you can keep the Disney spirit alive every day. Explore our selection of Disney prints to start bringing the magic of Disney World into your home today.

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