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Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Hey, hope you have had a great week! This weeks blog is a Happy Place Print Christmas Gift guide :) I have already started my Christmas shopping as I have a very large family. Often I leave it to the last minute which causes unnecessary stress so I thought why not make it easier on myself this year...that's the plan anyway.

The only trouble I find is where to store them all before I wrap them so every cupboard and drawer is being used in the house and I hope Noah isn't going to find them. I have to say my Christmas shopping has change a lot in recent years and I actually shop mainly online now and support smaller businesses as much as possible. I just feel that the gifts are more unique and I have managed to find some super cute things. I am very much of the mindset that it is about the thought not the cost of something. I feel the same when receiving gifts too. I do enjoy exchanging gifts but I certainly don't put too much pressure on it as there is a lot more to Christmas such as the...FOOD haha.

So as for the Happy Place Print Christmas Gift Guide here are some ideas.


So we offer this both on our website and Etsy store. You can simply select this option, choosing the size you would like and then send us your photograph. From there we turn it into a Watercolour Print for you. We send you a proof and then once approved we send it out to you. We can edit the photo a little for example, if you need something removed or the sky made more blue etc...

We have had a lot of Custom prints ranging from family photographs, pets, places, cars anything and everything is good as long as the original photo is clear enough. You could give someone a unique Christmas gift with a watercolour print of their Happy Place no matter where that is. You may want to frame it before you wrap it and then it is ready to hang for them. We can add text to this as well so just include that with your order.


Something that we have been doing for family and friends and of course customers is creating a watercolour of their house. Much like the Custom we just need a photograph of the house and then we transform it into a Watercolour Print. We can also add text such as 'Our Happy Place since 2018' (often the date they moved in).

Once again this print framed is a beautiful gift and my friends and family have often put them up in their hallway.


Another great gift idea is a Print of their favourite place in the world either in Retro or Watercolour style. This could be a local town or it could be a place across the world. This Print would bring back great memories and maybe it was a place that you visited together.


We also have a collection of Map Prints which can include coordinates as well. This is great for a special place or even somewhere close to home. Get in touch with a place name and we can create your Map from there.


We all need a new calendar for the year so why not gift a 2022 Calendar. We offer a Disney Retro Calendar which could make a great gift which lasts all year long. We even have questions every month and you can tag us with your answers!


Finally, we have a huge range of Disney Prints so if you know a Disney fan I am sure you will be able to find their favourite place in Disney from our collection. Either framed or unframed these make a great stocking filler or you could go all out as a main present and get them a print in A2 or A1 size.

If there is ever anything you would like but can't see or if you want some personalisation we are only a message away so please do just get in touch and we will try our best to help you. You can find us on here, on Etsy and Instagram @happyplaceprint

I hope this has given you a few ideas. After last years Christmas the best gift of all is definitely going to be the fact that we can spend it altogether again.

Speak soon x

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