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2022 we are ready for you...

Happy New Year everyone!!

We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year! We know that for some of you the holidays were a challenging time but we really hope 2022 brings you all health and happiness.

We felt very grateful to host Christmas day this year for our family. Christmas, the year before, had been very challenging and we were thankful to have a Christmas filled with love and laughter. Noah had the most amazing time and Christmas just felt so magical this year as he is starting to understand it all a little more now. We aren't big on New Years resolutions so we have just said we want to continue to be as positive and grateful as possible for the small and important things in life.

As for Happy Place Print we did take some time away from our small shop. We kept up with the orders and messages but we took a step back from the social media and online side of things. We enjoy the extra things we do for Happy Place Print but it was nice to slow the pace down especially after a very busy Christmas. Thank you so much to everyone who ordered from us over Christmas and indeed 2021 we really appreciate how much you have all helped our small shop grow and we are so exctited for what is to come in 2022.

We achieved so much in 2021 that it is almost daunting to think about topping it this year!

New Prints and Products will of course be coming to our small shop and we will be branching out even more. We have so many ideas but we need to focus on the ones we are most passionate about first and go from there...

We have certainly learnt some things in 2021 and as we move into our second year of running a small shop we are excited to see what is next. We will keep you all updated along the way.

Speak soon x

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