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A day in the life of Happy Place Print

So after asking on Instagram a lot of you suggested a blog post about 'A day in the life of Happy Place Print' so, I thought I would start with this as it is a good way to get to know our small shop a little more :)

Days will certainly vary according to what orders we have in but i've tried to put together 'a typical day' (not that there is such a thing with an almost 2 year old!).

Happy Place Print Office
Happy Place Print HQ

7am- We are up! Noah will come running in to our bedroom and the day begins. We all get to have breakfast together most days.

I always have a HUGE cup of tea in morning.

Noah loves to play cars after breakfast so we do that together ❤

8am- Dan is off to work (sometimes from home and sometimes in the office). We get washed and dressed. A few chores such as the dishwasher, washing on and then some more playing in the playroom.

Noah loves playing cars!

Noah loves drawing so if he is busy with that I get back to customers messages either on etsy or Instagram. I check the orders that have come in overnight for any customs or requests.

10am- If the weather is nice we will go out for a walk and drop off orders to the post box. By 10.30am Noah likes a snack, some milk and a couple of episodes of Bing!!!

11am- We will normally either go out to meet friends or family or run errands it just depends on what we have planned.

12.30- Lunchtime! We eat altogether (if Dan is working from home) At the moment we have been enjoying eating outside and playing in the garden.

1.30- Noah goes down for a nap...This is when I can get the bulk of the work done for Happy Place Print. I print orders, package orders, take photos of the orders and upload to social media.

I then will either do stock check, update quickbooks, research for upcoming ideas, sort office, order supplies whatever needs doing at the time!

During this time I often make a quick insta story too. I then run around trying to get the chores done that I need to haha.

3pm- Noah is awake and will have a drink and snack. We then go out to see the ducks or to the park.

5pm- Dinner time Dan will be back (or comes downstairs) and we all have dinner together. Then we both have time playing with Noah.

6pm- We go for a walk together and will drop off orders if needed. I have a quick evening tidy up, fold washing etc.

My ideas book!

7pm- Bedtime routine starts bath, milk, stories and songs and then bed.

7.30pm- One of us will head to the gym for an hour and the other will catch up with custom orders, messages and social media- sometimes making a reel or going live.

8.30pm- We relax and have time together! Normally having a chat, eating some chocolate and at the moment watching YouTube and Love Island haha.

10.30pm- We go up to bed ready to start it all again tomorrow!

Thank you so much for reading and we hope you have a lovely week, see you next week :)

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