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Updated: Sep 30, 2021


Welcome to a new blog post. This week has been super busy for Happy Place Print and there is a lot going on which is so exciting! Some of the things we have spoken about on our Instagram (@happyplaceprint) but one of the things is exclusive to the blog...

We have started to expand Happy Place Print a little by offering prints in A1 and A2 along with A5, A4 and A3. This is going so well and it is so cool to see all the prints again but even bigger it makes them look different again because they are soooo big! We have one up in our snug type room in A2 and we love looking at it every day reminding us of our Happy Place 😊

We also have our first ever team of Brand Reps which we are so excited about. It was so hard to select accounts and we just went with our gut feelings. We selected a range of accounts and didn't just go for the accounts with the largest followings we went for ones which fit our style and what we are about. We have loved working with them already and have lots of fun things planned!

We also have a great range of Halloween Prints available and we are so excited to start decorating for Fall and then move into Halloween 🎃  We are excited to release not only watercolours this year but our unique Retro Posters too.

And now for the BIG NEWS exclusive to the blog as I haven't spoken about it at all anywhere else yet...

I have made a huge decision to put more time into Happy Place Print. This has meant that I am taking a break from teaching...for now. The main reason is I couldn't manage my time with teaching, Happy Place Print and quality family time with Noah and Dan.

It did come down to Teaching or Happy Place Print and to be honest while Noah is only 2 years old and isn't at school I thought why not go for it with Happy Place Print while he is young and that allows me to spend more time with him right now (and when we can travel we can go out of school holidays for the first time ever!).

Teaching has been my career for 12 years and I have put my all into it, becoming a leader, getting my Masters in Education, teaching all those amazing children and working with some amazing people who will be lifelong friends. I know it will always be there and I can go back to it but for right now it isn't working for our family life.

To think that Happy Place Print has taken off so much to the point of it being an income blows my mind every day. As with any small business owner there are risks and it may not last but sometimes in life you need to take a risk whether it pays off or acts as a life lesson to learn from.

If these past years have taught us anything it is that you need to live life, enjoy it and do things that bring you the most joy. This was a family decision and one that we feel confident in and if it doesn't work out for whatever reason then that is fine but if it does work out then I know I will be happy working for myself, being with Noah and having more time for the things that are really important to me and the things that money can't buy.

That's all for this week, speak soon x

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