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November is here!

It feels like I have only just written the blog post about October and here we are in November!!!

This past week has been very busy and now that the Halloween Prints are out the Christmas Prints are in wahooooo. We are also seeing an increase in our CUSTOM option as people start to think about Christmas gifts (myself included). We are running a SALE this weekend from 5/11/21 to 8/11/21 with 10% OFF everything over on Etsy and by entering the code WEBSITE10 on here.


I'm going to try and not write a whole essay right now whilst talking about all the updates. First up we had an exciting day when the post came with a local magazine which we were in. I showed Noah and he said "that me" as I had included a photo of us in the editorial I had written. It was so spooky because our lucky number is 8 and guess what? We were on page 8!!! We really loved how the Happy Place Print feature looked and we were super excited to get orders in from our local area.

Next up was our launch with the website being live meaning that you can now shop directly on the website with us. This has been working so well and we are really enjoying seeing the orders coming through. We are still only putting certain prints on the website rather than on Etsy. If you want to stay updated just subscribe to our website :) We are finding it simple enough to manage the Website and Etsy so will continue with this for now.

2022 Calendar...where to start with this!?! We are so glad we had this idea because it has gone down so well with our customers. We had put a target of selling 50 and we have smashed this target already which has been incredible and also means we can give a bigger donation to the NHS at the end of the year.

This month also means our first ever craft fairs eeeeeek. I am really excited but also nervous because I have never done them before and one of them is at a very large venue. I am really looking forward to getting out there though and talking to people and showcasing our prints.

New prints are being created as we speak. We have come up with some great ideas for later this year and also for the New Year as well so keep checking back to see more prints from a range of destinations. Now that I have more time to work on Happy Place Print we are finding that the ideas are non stop, which is great. We obviously can't do everything at once but we are excited to have a plan in place.

November is going to be filled with Happy Place Print and we don't mind that at all as last year November was our busiest month and to be honest it just makes Christmas even more special because you really feel like you have earned a break. We are so very, very grateful for anyone supporting us and making Happy Place Print a success.

Have a great weekend, speak soon x

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