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October has arrived!

Well it has already been a month since I left teaching and decided to go for it with Happy Place Print full time. This month was the first month where my pay didn't come from teaching but instead from our own shop. Scary? Yes. Exciting? Yes. Worth it? 100% Yes. It is such a different job to what I have been used to but I am finding I am still using certain skills with running the small shop as I was when I was teaching. I love having more quality time with Noah and I just feel more on top of things and to be honest I just feel happier. I have been working harder at just living in the present and focusing on the good things that have happened each day. I can't remember where I heard this, I believe it was on a YouTube video, but they were saying (or quoting someone who had said this) change your mindset from instead of saying "I have to" say "I get to" and I have been using this a lot and it has really helped to put a positive outlook on things.

So October has arrived and today is WDW 50th Anniversary and to mark this very special occasion here is our Brand New Retro Poster (available with or without the text). If you are there today we hope you have the BEST time celebrating :)

I LOVE October not only because it is my birthday this month (haha) but because I feel you can get into full Autumn mode. I have already swapped over my clothes in my wardrobe and I'm looking forward to living in cosy jumpers again. I'm also looking forward to going to get some pumpkins and finish off our home decorations too. I actually enjoy Halloween although we don't do much for it because Noah is still young I like to get in the spirit of things and try to have enough chocolate for everyone. I once had to offer a group of kids biscoff biscuits as it was the only thing I had left, they were not impressed at all (rightly so!).

As for the shop we have our Halloween Print collection available and plenty more new prints coming soon...We have lots of things to get ready in preparation for Christmas too and we are still working on 2022 Calendar orders which will be ongoing now until the end of the year. We also have some things going on offline with Happy Place Print and I'll try to document this as well.

I'm hoping for lots of days out if the weather allows to just explore and have fun together. We love our family time and try to get outdoors as much as possible. We have a big family and actually have a birthday every week this month! We have a couple of day trips planned and our house renovations are still ongoing as well. Hoping this month will be full of fun, laughter and crunchy leaves (don't you just love that sound).

Have a great October everyone!

Thanks for reading, speak soon x

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