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We got back to our Happy Place!! Part 1

Oh my goodness after almost 5 years we made it back to our Happy Place and it was just as magical as we hoped it would be!

If you have been following the blog for a while you will know we have been so desperate to take our 2 year old for the first time and it was even better than we could have imagined. From the moment Noah saw the plane for the first time we knew we were about to have a magical adventure as a family of 3.

We are currently updating our Instagram pages @happyplaceprint @_partyofthree__ with photos and video clips from our trip. We decided to upload them once we were back because we just wanted to be in the moment and not think about updating social media. It was a very welcomed break considering a lot of Happy Place Print is based around social media. We actually had a relaxing trip (yep you heard that right, we were in Orlando with a 2 year old haha). We just took it easy and didn't worry about fitting every, single thing in. We were also very flexible with our plans which made a huge difference.

Seeing our Happy Place through Noah's eyes made us love it even more. He got excited at everything and would dance every time he heard some music! He made us appreciate the smaller things and we got so much enjoyment seeing him so happy. We actually took the time to stop and just soaked up the atmosphere, whether that was just sitting on the hub grass or visiting a Disney resort. We honestly just felt so grateful to be back. We even visited Animal Kingdom Lodge which was the resort we stayed at for our Disneymoon (10 years ago this year) and I cried happy tears thinking about how I wouldn't have believed we would be bringing our baby boy back to AKL 10 years later.

Disney are so good at giving children lots of attention and the cast members, and to be fair other guests, were constantly waving at Noah and telling him how cute he was, which he loved. We even had a magical moment where a cast member had seen Noah dancing to the parade in Hollywood Studios so went into one of the gift shops and came out with a Mickey plush toy for him to take home. Mickey then came out to say hello and she told Noah to go and show Mickey his new toy. It was a moment we will never forget and we both said "only in Disney do these things happen".

Part 2 will be up next week where I will talk about our trip a little more in some more detail.

Thanks for reading, speak soon x

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